Recently vicious news relating to plastic wastes were frequently reported: Many plastic dust “haunts” and microplastic “hot spots” are formed in the liver and sea bottoms, plastic wastes were accumulated in stomachs of animals, birds are clogged throat by the plastic sheets, etc. The problem is that plastic polymers are nondigestible by animals and nonbiodegradable by bacteria. Then, the approaching actions are to deduce the plastic wastes and to use non-plastic disposable wares like wooden straws/spoons for approving the environmental pollution issues. The development of environmentally friendly biodegradable and digestible materials substituting for artificial nonbiodegradable and indigestible materials is the urgent necessity of the moment. As one of cases, the nanofabrication of cellulose pulp from woods extended their application like the transparent substrate film for electric circuit, the packing materials for foods and medicines, the reinforcing/weight-lightening materials of resin, etc.  
The main purpose of this symposium is the communication of researchers who are investigating and interesting in renewable and sustainable materials like bio-nanofibers. The scientists will report and exchange their researches to get their new research direction. Distribution will be performed for scientists in academic institution, engineers in industry and students in university, who are interesting about such advanced materials and considering to be concerned in them. Thus, we expect that we can act as a bridge among scientists, engineers and students to encourage the researches of renewable and sustainable materials and the communication of these researches will enlarge in Taiwan, Asia and whole world.